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Collaborative Scheduling Management:
With hand-held terminal with customer service centers to achieve effective task scheduling.
Recipient Management:
Write fast and accurate scheduling, pick who received via handheld terminals pickup customer service center scheduling instructions, combined with a pickup to do businessrelated processing.
Quick recorded single recipient:
Recipient Members recipient via handheld terminals critical information timely entry.
Electronic Service Manual:
Pickup administrator can access through the electronic service manual queries sent scope and types of services provided.
Transportation Information inquiry:
You can check the latest hand-held freight information anytime, anywhere.
Live Customer Management:
The scene of the customer to verify the information in order to provide an effective valueadded services.
Sending pieces of Management:
In accordance with the delivery plans for sending pieces of processing, sending pieces of receipt of information and timely upload. Information to improve the efficiency of field operations and customer satisfaction.
Allocation of transit receiving, sorting, delivery: in transit centers, information by scanning the recording operation, improve efficiency while achieving effective regulation of express retroactive.
In the allocation of transit loading and unloading the car, to achieve Shuttle management, real-time shipment data comparison, effective way to eliminate wrong hair, omissions


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