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EKEMP provides Industrial Design services to give clients’ products a competitive edge that will effectively enhance their business operations. The company’s industrial designers possess years of experience, skill, and knowledge in creating products specific to authentication, security, and electronic payment functions.

“These products have been deployed and utilized in numerous fields around the world, making EKEMP’s design capabilities a much sought-after quality. The effectiveness of our product design is matched with automated features which make them easy to use, requiring minimal training.

EKEMP’s products are designed with its clients’ needs in mind – consideration is given to the right customization to client needs, quality, cost-efficacy, robust design, user-friendliness, as well as versatility. The firm creates products that are practical. Key factors such as product usability, marketability, and ergonomics are carefully analysed throughout the design process.



True to its creative design philosophy, EKEMP works closely with clients to develop a unique brand identity for their products



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