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Industrial computing products are designed to help people working in the toughest environment ; however, some limitations are applied to the standard platforms to accommodate all different industrial applications. To better assist customers overcoming this problem, EKEMP offers professional customization services. Our Customization service team , consisting of over 50 experienced engineers in hardware, software, mechanics , and thermal, are available anytime to serve customers to build rugged mobile platforms that suit your requirements and requests without limiting to the standard features on standard products, and conquering your challenges at work even under extreme environmental conditions. In addition to its professional engineering force, EKEMP is backed up by an international business group – MiTAC group, a mega business group with over 1 billion U.S. sales revenue and vertically integrated manufacturing for rugged portable solutions and commercial electronic products. With EKEMP ProCustom , you will benefit the most convenient and flexible one-stop shopping experience.

Experienced technical personnel, with expertise, robust security and authentication solutions to solve business requirements. From its main hardware expand the field of research and design, you can also use its industry expertise, EKEMP emerging identification and security technology, the establishment of a comprehensive value chain.

Our mission is to integrated design, research and product development. "Tomorrow's innovation" is the motto of the company, through continuous research and development work, guidance to improve their services. The company attaches importance to understand customer needs, including the execution from concept to design to production throughout the process. All of this is intended to ensure the development of superior products to meet customers' expectations. EKEMP provide end-to-end solution, OEM / ODM products and services suite, including identification and security requirements are suitable for various industries around the world. 

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