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Portable POS terminal (N7110)
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Features & Benefits
1. Linux OS, which supports multiple tssks and multiple applications
2. Elegant and slim design,convenient swiping card vertically
3. Leading ARM processor (400MHZ), outstanding performance in mass data and EMV transactions
4. 160MB memory,supports loading multiple applications
5. Multiple choices of integrated communication modules,such as PSTN, TCP/IP and Wi-Fi
6. Supports complete version SSL(Security Socket Layer)
8. Up to 3 RS232(optional)
9. 5V 500mA output
10. Supports remote download via NewTMS and FTP
11. High speed thermal printer, up to 25 lines/sec, easy load style,adjustable print gray, supports printing dual-layer paper
12. EMV2000(Level 1&2) PBOC2.0, RoHS approved.
Application fields
1. The restaurant industry, customers after a meal, the use of mobile POS terminal directly in front of the customer checkout.
2. Booking - when customers booking air tickets, tickets and other tickets available mobile POS terminals and customer checkout.
3. The door-to-door delivery, customer order goods, door-to-door delivery, can use mobile POS terminals and customer checkout.
4. Insurance, insurance broker using mobile POS door-to-door to customers buying insurance cash on site, the payment information at the same time, the policy number and payment amount related data collected at the same time, the real-time data acquisition system is sent to the insurance company.
5. Taxi - can use mobile POS terminals with the customer checkout print receipt at the same time.
6. Public utilities, gas, water, electricity, using mobile POS completed on-site meter reading, data transfer, data entry, at the same time, can use mobile POS field collection work, reduce the resource consumption of manpower and material resources.


32-bit CPU,ARM9,400MHZ




128×64pixel LCD,white LED backlight and specific icon


4 ATM keys,10alphanumeric keys,9 function keys,1 ON/OFF key

Peripheral Port

2 RS-232 (up to 3), 5V @ 500mA DC output

1 RJ11 for line, 1 RJ11 for phone
1 RJ45 fro TCP/IP


1 USB Host

Power Supply

Input: 100~240VAC, 50Hz; Output: 12VDC, 3A

Working Environment

Temperature: 0~50(32~122); Humidity:10%~90% (non-condense)

Storage Environment

Temperature: -20~60(-4~140); Humidity:5%~95% (non-condense)






EMV4.2 Level 1&2, PBOC2.0

Magnetic Card Reader

Compliant with ISO7811, ISO7812; Track 1/2/3, bi-directional swipe;

IC Card Reader

1 user card (EMN4.2), supports SLE4442/SLE4428 memory card


2/3 SAM slots, compliant with ISO7816; Supports PPS protocol

Contactless Card Reader (Optional)

Support Mifare classic, Mifare Ultralight, Mifare DESFire, IOS 14443 A & B,SONY FeliCa




Supports Chinese (GB2312/GB18030), English, Frech, German,
Latin, Russian, Arabic, Vietnam etc; support Unicode;

Remote Download

Supports NewTMS or FTP remote download

Internal MODEM (Optional)

Synchronous: V.22bis, N.29, supports 1200/2400/9600bps

Asynchronous: N.34, up to 33.6Kbps
Supports PPP dial, support full SSLv2/3 TLSv1

Internal LAN (Optional)

10Base-T/100Base-T,support full SSLv2/3 TLSv1

Internal Wi-Fi (Options)

802.11b/g, supports full SSLv2/3 TLSv1


High speet thermal printer
Easy-load style
Speed: up to 25 line/sec (75mm/sec)
Paper width: 58 +0/-1mm
Paper roll outside diameter: 50mm
Adjustable print gray, support dual-layer paper

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