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Finger Vein Authentication Module
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Working Principle
1. Vein Scanning: The Near-infrared transmittance emitted by LED lamps cast on finger vein and capture it's image by the sensor;
2. Image Correction: Correct Image position and angle to match the feature specifications;
3. Feature Extraction: According to the above image obtained, extract a vein distribution image and get the feature map;
4. Image Compare and Matching: Compare the above feature map to the original template inside the database, output the compare results.



Identification methods

1:1 recognition/1:N recognition

The device has only data capture function. back-end comparison, could upgrade to front-end.

Storage capacity

Moduleinside: flash 2000 finger,expandable;System inside: unlimited

Finger vein recognition time

1:1 recognition: < 0.5 second;

1:N recognition:< 1 second (2000 finger vein time)

Finger vein accuracy rate

when FRR (False Rejection Rate) = 0.01%, FARFalse Acceptance Rate=0.00001% FTER <0.001%

Size /Weight



Voltage(v) / CurrentmA)

DC3.3~5.0/Standby: 10mA Working: 200mA Max: 500mA

Working Temp.(℃)


Operating interface

Windows system/Linux system/ None


Dedicated encrypted data transfer interface (for connection between modules) Wiegand 26-64bit (supports a variety of third-party access control, card reader)

LAN (for networked mode, remote management)

USB2.0 and above

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