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Scrach Card Lottery System
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Key functions of EK-SCLS

  • Distribution & warehousing
  • Online scratch card ordering
  • Selling scratch card
  • Validation
  • Cash Management
  • Statistics and Analysis
  • Data Inquiries
  • Data exporting into Excel format
  • System Alert when identified uncommon cases

EK-SCLS supports following hard-wares in the whole cycle of scratch card business

  • Traditional Lottery machine
  • Mobile lottery machine
  • Smart phone
  • Barcode scanner

EK-SCLS supports real-time settlement with Bank

  • Connecting to the Bank for real time settlement
  • Support scratch card ordering online
  • Online settlement of winning ticket prize out and commission to lottery retailors
  • Transactions statistics


Handling capacity of EK-SCLS

  • Verification for each transaction is less than 4 seconds
  • EK-SCLS maximum handling capacity is 30,000 transactions/minute 
  • 20,000 (max.) lottery machines could connect to EK-SCLS

EK-SCLS product characteristics 

1.Automatic System alert 

  •  Scratch Card Self-monitoring and alertness
  •  Scratch Card inventory alert
  •  Transaction alert while identify uncommon situation

2.Auxiliary to assist for management 

  •  Management of  Lottery Company’s management to use his/her Smartphone to connect to EK-SCLS to check scratch card daily sales
  •  News Update
  •  Statistics
  •  Information broadcasting 


  • No Single Point of Failure
  • Back-up System 
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