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Handheld POS terminal (EP370)
POS - EP370 wireless handheld POS terminal is a powerful and convenient and flexible to use a new generation of handheld POS printing machine. It is suitable for work in all kinds of liquid in the field of data acquisition and processing, electric power, water, gas and other industries of meter reading and the hit single, is a can be used in the field of micropayment powerful intelligent terminal.
Features & Benefits Specifications Accessories Downloads  
1.Builtin magnetic card reader (MSR), smart card reader (IC card) and
contactless card reader (RFID card,/NFC, Mafire card)
2.Linux 2.6 operation system with SDK for development
3.Build-in thermal printer make receipts collection faster and faster;
4.Smart communication modes, Ethernet interface(TCP/IP) and GPRS,
and optional to WiFi
5.Mini USB, RS232, RJ45(Ethernet port)
6. Portable Li-battery make it easy to use at anytime and anywhere.
Application fields
1. The restaurant industry, customers after a meal, the use of mobile POS terminal directly in front of the customer checkout.
2. Booking - when customers booking air tickets, tickets and other tickets available mobile POS terminals and customer checkout.
3. Insurance, insurance broker using mobile POS door-to-door to customers buying insurance cash on site, the payment information at the same time, the policy number and payment amount related data collected at the same time, the real-time data acquisition system is sent to the insurance company.
4. Taxi - can use mobile POS terminals with the customer checkout print receipt at the same time.
5. Public utilities, gas, water, electricity, using mobile POS completed on-site meter reading, data transfer, data entry, at the same time, can use mobile POS field collection work, reduce the resource consumption of manpower and material resources.

32Bit ARM720T 100Mhz
Large-capacity 64M BYTE FLASH, 32M BYTE SDRAM. Can be expandedinto 64 M, 128MFLASH/SDRAM
Operating System
External switching power supply: 9 V/3A, input voltage: AC187V ~ 253V 
Output voltage: DC9V + / -5%, ripple <50 MV 
Handset 1200 Mah/7.2V lithium batteries
Current work
Phone start-up current 30 mA ~ 200mA, standby current 30 MA,Print average current 1 A.
Mini USB,Ethernet Port(RJ45),RS-232
Magnetic Card & Contactless
Track 1/2 or 2/3,Track 1/2/3 (option),iSO 7812-2,
Contactless card ISO14443A/B,Mifare 1,S50,S70,etc
IC Card Reade
Can read and write an agreement with the ISO7816 IC cards, and 2SAM card, with EMV2000 standard.
High-speed thermal printers,max 70mm/sec, Paper width: 58 MM
2.8” TFT QVGA or 128 * 64FSTN, 16level ,Gray, LED backlighting
18 key waterproof keyboard dust
Built-in Modem
RJ11,PSTN modem
Cable MODEM, GPRS, CDMA, TCP / IP (Internet POS)
Security Module
Employs DES and 3DES algorithm, DUKPT Key Management for PIN security Ifabnormally opened, security data will be erased.
Standard C, to support the development of secondary
Barcode Scanner
1D Laser,1D/2D Imager Barcode scanner optional
Procedures Upgrade
Serial download, double-Duikao, dial-up / long-distance network to download
Password keyboard 
Support K3301/ K3305 and other programmable Password keyboard
Special Features
Calling bell, the black box functions, fingerprint recognition
Handset: 200 * 90 * 65 mm
1200 mAH/7.2V li-ion battery
Working Current
start-upt:30mA-200mA; standby:30mA,Print 1A

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